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About Neo Sports Lab

Neo Sports Lab is specialized in design and manufacturing braces and sleeves for medical, sports, and pets protection. Our specialty lies in ligaments, muscles, and tendons support and protection from injury and mobility, stability, and injury recovery. We are constantly working with doctors, sports medicine, physical therapists, trainers, veterinarians, and pets trainers in pursuit of medical and sports protection and injury prevention for people and pets.

Neo Sports Lab offers products to our wholesalers and distributors. We also provide solutions to our business partners from product design, manufacturing, custom packaging, to end product delivery and logistics. We have a dedicated overseas team in Asia working closely with our manufacturers in quality control and supply-chain management.


To provide an essential products and solutions for injury prevention, protection, and recovery of people and pets to ensure an active, healthy, and happy life.


Neo Sports Lab currently owns the following brands and the product line under each brand:

NeoAlly® – the high compression health & sports product line

Uptofit® – the copper compression product line

AllyFlex Sports® – the sport support product line

Neoally Pets® – the protection and recovery product line for pets


Health & Medical Support – braces, sleeves, and other products to help alleviate pain and discomfort in daily life and activities, and for injury recovery
Sports and Injury Prevention –braces, sleeves, and other products for sports performance and injury prevention in sports and workouts
Pets Stability and Mobility – products to prevent dog, cat, horse and other pets from injury and gain mobility after injury


At Neo Sports Lab, we understand how hard it is to get the size right when you purchase a compression product like ours, especially when it is for your pets. Therefore, we created this Hassle-Free Exchange and Return process:

For any products, you can simply drop us a line with your Order ID, we can arrange for free exchange for you.

If for any reason, you are not happy about the purchase, you can send the product back, and we will issue you a full refund.

See below for exchange and return form.