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AllyFlex Sports® Back Brace Lower Back Support

AllyFlex Back Brace Lower Back Support is the best back brace for lower back support and lower back pain relief, owing to the Two Medical Grade 3D Lumbar Pads that support lower back lumbar and muscles from All Angles

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Key Features & Benefits of Back Brace Lower Back Support

  • Precisely Shaped Two 3D Lumbar Pads: unlike other back braces of flat pads or sticks, this back brace comes with two medical grade 3D lumbar pads that are ergonomically designed by sports medicine specialists to give your lower back the optimal support from different angles
  • COOLMAX® Fiber Lining: we add an extra layer of CoolMax to the inner side of  back brace lower back support and thus make it more comfortable to your skin by its cooling effect of absorbing moisture and evaporating sweat
  • Adjustable Dual Velcro Straps: the thin and strong velcro straps provide the enhanced compression and support to your personal preference. It is detachable as well, making it very convenient for activities that do not need it
  • High Quality Perforated Neoprene: the special neoprene material used for this back brace is strong and highly breathable, giving you the much needed comfort for your lower back support. We offer money back guarantee and lifetime warranty – no questions asked

How Back Braces Provide Lower Back Support And Help with Lower Back Pain

Using a back brace is an excellent way to provide additional support for the lower back. Back braces help to stabilize and protect affected areas of the back and spine after surgery, or following an accident, injury or strain. Wearing a brace can improve – and in some cases, even help to resolve – lower back pain and injury symptoms entirely.

A back brace works by providing additional support to the structures of the lower back, including the intricate muscles and bones of the lower back and spine. A back brace effectively provides an injured area the means to recuperate by minimizing the stress and strain normally put on the back during regular daily activities.

What are the main benefits of a back brace for lower back support?

There are a number of benefits associated with back braces, which is one of the reasons why they’ve become so popular over the last few years. Whilst we don’t have time to look at them all, what we can do, is take a look at some of the most prominent health benefits associated with back braces. These include, but are not limited to:

Back support

This is obviously one of the most common benefits of wearing a back brace, yet it is also one of the most important benefits as well. For anybody suffering with back pain or discomfort, back braces and supports can provide a whole heap of pain-relieving benefits.

Pain relief

As mentioned, back braces provide a whole heap of pain-relieving benefits, which is one of the reasons why they’re so popular. Back pain is truly horrendous and it can make life miserable for anybody suffering with it. Back braces however, have been designed to help relieve this pain and discomfort. You see, back pain is often exasperated when a person moves their back in a certain way. Braces prevent the back from moving in this particular way, therefore, back pain cannot be exasperated any further.


Obviously some people would feel pretty self conscious if they thought people knew they had to wear a back brace support, but the good news is that AllyFlex back braces are actually incredibly discreet, meaning that a person could be wearing one under their clothes, and other people would have no idea. This is specially true for AllyFlex Women’s Back Brace for Female Lower Back Pain.

What Makes AllyFlex Sports® Back Brace The Most Effective Back Support For Lower Back Pain Relief

AllyFlex Sports back brace has two medical grade 3D lumbar pads that are precisely shaped and placed to provide superior support for lower back from different angles. The back brace is made of high quality perforated neoprene that is strong and super breathable, and an extra layer of CoolMax is added to make it very comfortable to wear even under shirt next to skin.


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