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NeoAlly® Compression Knee Sleeve

NeoAlly Best Compression Knee Sleeve for Basketball, Running, Crossfit, Cycling, Squats, and Weightlifting. The Stay-Put, Breathable, and Long-Lasting Compression Provides the Best Knee Support on and off courts – 4 Colors

Color:   Blue  Green  Orange  Purple

Size:   Small  Medium  Large  X-Large

$15.99 (single)     $29.99 (pair)

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Key Features & Benefits of Compression Knee Sleeve

  • STAY-PUT: The Innovative “Lock-In-Place” Design plus the Anti-Slip Lock silicone waving keeps the knee sleeve absolutely stay put – no sliding down, no rolling up, stay in place during any activities, making it the best compression knee sleeve for running & basketball
  • BREATHABLE: The compression knee sleeve also incorporates moisture wicking Polyester into the Nylon-Spandex blend, which dramatically increases breathe-ability and helps in keeping your skin dry and comfortable, perfect to wear for playing basketball
  • TRUE COMPRESSION: By applying tighter 3D Circular Weaving, NeoAlly knee sleeve has high density, is strong and durable, and has true and long lasting compression, protecting your knee in sports such as playing basketball
  • ENHANCED FLEXIBILITY: Different weaving pattern is applied at back of knee and on kneecap to provide optimal compression for patella support while not hindering knee movement, enhancing your performance in basketball or any other sports
  • SIZE CHART (measure the leg circumference 5″ above kneecap) – Small: 13.5″ – 15.5″; Medium: 16.0″ – 18.5″; Large: 19.0″ – 21.5″; X-Large: 21.4″ – 24.0″


Knee injuries are common in basketball. ACL tears happen all the time. You’ll also hear horror stories of MCL tears, PCL tears, and torn cartilage. When an injury occurs, proper care must be taken so the athlete can get back out on the floor again. A knee sleeve is part of that care.

Being an athlete also means that a lot of wear and tear can be put on your knees over time. Younger athletes and those fresh to basketball may not experience the benefits of a knee sleeve immediately because they don’t have the grinding on the joint that veteran players have experienced.

A knee sleeve provides support. It shouldn’t be a substitute for poor fundamentals or proper techniques.


Knee sleeves do not prevent an injury or attempt to provide padding to the knee in any way. What they do is attempt to reduce the occurrence or severity of a knee injury when the joint is placed under extreme pressure on a regular basis. It can protect a previous injury without limiting mobility thanks to the compression element it is able to provide.

Here are the advantages that the best knee sleeves should be able to provide.

  • Most knee sleeves are made from Neoprene, which provides therapeutic warmth to the joint. This added warmth, along with the increased blood flow, reduces pain and can increase mobility.
  • Knee sleeves can provide an increase in proprioception. This allows you to have a greater conscious understanding of what you can do on the basketball court.
  • Although knee sleeves are not generally restrictive, they can limit patella movement so that you have more confidence in what your knee can do.

If you feel like you have an unstable knee, then a knee brace is your best option. A knee sleeve just doesn’t have enough structural supports to stabilize an unstable joint. If you’re looking to recover from an injury or protect yourself from a future one, however, a knee sleeve could be the affordable solution you’ve been wanting.


If you’re trying to pull up your knee sleeve as you’re running down the court, then you’ve placed yourself at a disadvantage. Fit will always be the most important feature to consider when shopping for a knee sleeve. NeoAlly compression knee sleeve comes with the special “Lock-In-Place” design, which makes it the perfect choice to wear for basketball. It comes in sizes as small, medium, large, and extra large, so make sure you measure your knee and compare that to the sizing chart for the product so you get a good fit.

Another important feature you’ll want to look at is how breathable the sleeve is. Trust me on this one. After an hour at basketball practice, most knee sleeves are going to be soaked with sweat, but not this NeoAlly knee sleeve. Owing to its moisture wicking Polyester in the material mix, it is super breathable and stays dry. This has made a huge difference. I also like it being machine washable so I can toss them in on the gentle cycle and then let them air dry.

Many knee sleeves tend to wear out over time as well. They’re super tight when you first get them, but then they expand to the size of your knee. That expansion reduces its compression value. NeoAlly knee sleeve has true and long-lasting compression. It stays true to its fit with consistency to get the best possible investment.

NeoAlly® Compression Knee Sleeve is one of the best knee sleeves for basketball. Thanks to NeoAlly 30-day money back guarantee policy, you have no risk to give it a try and you won’t regret about your choice.


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