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Uptofit® Copper Wrist Compression Sleeve for Carpal Tunnel

UPTOFIT Copper Wrist Compression Sleeve for Carpal Tunnel – High Copper Infused Lightweight Every Day and Night Support for Wrist and Hand, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Bursitis and Wrist Sprain

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Key Features & Benefits of Copper Wrist Compression Sleeve for Carpal Tunnel

  • TRULY COPPER RICH – This copper wrist compression sleeve for carpal tunnel is truly copper rich: 25% copper fiber, 45% nylon, 25% spandex and 5% polyester
  • BREATHABLE – our copper wrist sleeve incorporates moisture wicking Polyester into the Nylon and Spandex blend to keep your skin dry and comfortable, best for every day and night use for carpal tunnel.
  • OPTIMAL COMPRESSION – we applied precise weaving to create optimal compression – not too high and not too low – to wrist and hand support, which improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, swelling and soreness, promotes muscle recovery and helps in joint pain relief
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – our copper wrist compression sleeve for carpal tunnel is thin and lightweight, suitable for everyday wear in sports of tennis, golf, lacrosse, badminton, bowling, shooting, racquetball, biking, cycling, yoga, gym workout and other daily activities
  • STYLISH DESIGN – best copper wrist compression sleeve for women and men, fits both left and right hands, please consult the size chart to choose the best fit wrist sleeves for you and your loved ones
  • SIZE CHART (measure the circumference around wrist bone) – Small: 5.9″ – 6.7″; Medium: 6.8″ – 7.8″; Large: 7.9″ – 9.1″

What is a Copper Wrist Compression Sleeve?

Copper wrist compression sleeves are pieces of cloth with copper infused content which offers support in the wrist and hand area. There is a wide variety of wrist sleeve you can choose from, depending on your needs. For instance, there are wrist sleeves for those who are recovering from an injury or those who want to avoid getting injured while playing a sport. Aside from providing support, wrist compression sleeves offer numerous benefits, and the most important one is for carpal tunnel.

Copper Wrist Sleeve for Carpal Tunnel

Do you often wake up in the night with a feeling of “pins and needles” in your hands, like they’ve fallen asleep? Does it get better if you shake them?

That’s often an early warning sign of carpal tunnel syndrome — especially if your symptoms are in the thumb, pointer and middle finger.

Your first option: Brace yourself

For mild cases, we often start treatment where symptoms begin — at night.

It’s tough to control your wrists while you sleep. That’s why many patients have nighttime symptoms. Wearing a copper wrist compression sleeve can make a big difference. A wrist sleeve keeps your wrists at ease, avoiding pressure on your nerve.

It is very important to wear wrist sleeves during the day as well. Although carpal tunnel can happen on any job, repetitive activities — like typing on a computer keyboard or working on an assembly line — can take a toll, especially if your form is improper.

Do Wrist Sleeves Work?

Yes, they do. And wrist sleeves work in many ways. However, it is important to remember that you should not rely solely on these pieces of clothing for ultimate healing. Wrist sleeves are only supplemental garments that can aid in the healing process, performance improvement and injury prevention. That is what makes wrist compression sleeves ideal for people who are into sports, weightlifting, factory workers and those whose jobs require routine use of the hands.

Benefits of Copper Wrist Compression Sleeves for Carpal Tunnel

1. Improves blood circulation

Wearing wrist compression sleeves can help increase the blood flow to the wrist area by increasing the temperature. These sleeves will keep your wrist warm even in the very cold weather. When the temperature increases, the vessels also dilate, allowing for more blood to flow through the wrist. Increased blood flow can greatly help patients who are suffering from tendonitis, wrist sprains, impact injuries and swelling.

2. Provides compression and comfort

Compression therapy has been popularly used for some medical conditions such as the carpal tunnel syndrome. Wearing a wrist sleeve can provide the much-needed support and therapeutic warmth for the wrist. This allows you to feel more comfortable and get through your routine without limitations.

3. Protects and prevents wrist injuries

Say you are a softball catcher or baseball player. You can stay in the game as long as your wrist works perfectly. However, one bad bounce or foul tip can injure your wrist. The result could be months of pain while recovering. Wearing a wrist sleeve can help prevent injuries from this kind of accident. If you always play tennis, golf or do weightlifting, it is worth considering getting a new pair of wrist sleeves to avoid sports-related injuries.

4. Prevents muscle soreness and stiffness and helps in muscle recovery

If you are suffering from weak or aching wrists, arthritis and repetitive injuries among others, you could benefit from wearing wrist sleeves. Muscle soreness and stiffness can be painful, and you can get relief with a pair of wrist sleeves. Muscle recovery also becomes faster as the sleeves allow for better blood circulation.


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