Covid-19 Information & Updates

First, we wish you well during this unprecedented and unpredictable time. As you know, the current pandemic has affected everyone in ways no one ever imagined; it’s overwhelming, unsettling and challenging. But it’s also a time that’s pulled people together in ways we may have otherwise never experienced – revealing our humanity, kindness and willingness to help. We wish the best for you and your family and … we want to be there for you if you need us.

Like you, we’ve had to make adjustments … in the office, in the warehouse, and among our distribution lines. But the safety of our employees, our production and distribution environments, and ultimately the products we send to you is our first priority. So, it’s important we keep you abreast of our response to the pandemic and how it may affect your orders.

Product Availability

We have experienced disruption in the supply chain resulting in some items being out of stock; however, we will notify you either before you purchase the item or soon after and immediately refund your payment if the item is unavailable. For this inconvenience, we would like to offer you a 15% discount should you wish to re-order when the item is back in stock. We will notify you when the item is back in stock. Just send us an email.


Our shipping process is currently unaffected. If your item is in stock, it will be shipped within 2 days of your order.

Protecting Our Employees

Our employees are very important to us and we want to keep them safe! We’ve implemented new safety protocols in our office and warehouse environments. Most of our office employees are working from home but if they do go into the office, we’ve limited capacity to 3 people in the office and 2 people in the warehouse at one time. In addition, doors must remain open at all times to allow for proper air flow.

We’ve provided masks and gloves for our employees. Employees must wear masks at all times, maintain at least 6 feet for social distancing, and work in an isolated area while in the office or warehouse. Our warehouse employees must wear gloves and masks at all times.

Any employee who displays symptoms such as a cough or fever will not enter the working environments and is encourage to see a doctor.

Cleaning Our Distribution & Production Environments

We sanitize/disinfect our distribution and production environments several times a day, including floors and nonporous product packaging. In addition, doors must remain open to allow for proper air flow.


Our products provide comfort, safety, protection, stability, and support. They help you continue your day-to-day and athletic activities. The need for that doesn’t stop when the world changes or when your financial situation becomes unpredictable. We want to help. If you’re having financial difficulties, please call [302-389-5522] or email us and we’ll provide you with a 15% discount on any of our products.


If you’re a business or individual working with an underserved population who would benefit from our products, let us help. We would like to work with you to bring some normalcy and mobility back to those populations. Please call [302-389-5522] or email us to discuss the details.

We Miss You!

We’ve halted all travelling and in-person meetings, which affects our face-to-face time with our wholesale customers and manufacturing partners. But we are here for ALL of you by phone and email until we can meet again.