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NeoAlly® Dog Front Leg Braces

NeoAlly Dog & Cat Front Leg Carpal Braces [PAIR] Carpus Wrist Sleeves with Safety Reflective Straps for Front Leg Joint Support, Injury Prevention, Wound Healing and Loss of Stability from Arthritis

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Color:   Black    Blue    Pink

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Features & Benefits

  • You’ll get ONE PAIR of high quality carpal braces from NeoAlly that is 100% guaranteed to help your beloved furry friends for an active, healthy and happy life. We provide 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.
  • Each brace comes with 2 or 3 Reflective Velcro Straps (2 in XXS/XS and S/M, and 3 in L/XL) that secure the brace in place without moving or sliding down and more importantly provide visibility and safety in the dark
  • The sleeve is made of premium quality neoprene and nylon, which is soft and durable, does not rub, pinch or hurt skin, and is suitable for longer wear and repeated uses
  • This carpus or wrist sleeve is made with care to provide strong support to dog and cat front leg from injuries in torn acl, cruciate ligament, splint and sprain, help in wounds healing, hock joint pain relief and loss of stability and mobility caused by arthritis, and it is highly recommended by Veterinarians
  • Sizing – please refer to the size chart (image left or above) on how to measure and choose the correct size for your dog or cat


  1. Gently wrap the brace around hock area, fasten the top strap first then the bottom and middle straps, make sure the reflective straps are toward outside of leg
  2. Remove the brace every 3-4 hours to let the leg to “breathe”, do not keep the brace on overnight
  3. When wash the brace, please hand wash and let it dry naturally


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