Yes. Compression sleeves help with tendonitis. Warm compression support improves blood circulation and helps reduce inflammation caused by tendonitis. Compression sleeves are widely used for joint because they relieve tendonitis in the wrist, elbow, knees and ankles.

Compression can help alleviate the milder symptoms of tendonitis. It increases oxygen and nutrient levels as well as blood flow during activities and recovery. And as recovery rates increase, muscle soreness decreases. Compression can also help stabilize the muscles by reducing muscle vibration, which can affect tendons.

While compression sleeves will not actually heal tendonitis, they can help ease the symptoms. Also, wearing compression gear can help prevent tendonitis by improving blood flow, reducing swelling, and stabilizing muscles to prevent stress and strain. This is especially important in sports where tendonitis is common such as weightlifting, tennis and other activities that require repetitive motion or stress on the muscles and tendons.

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