There are 4 things to consider before you choose knee sleeves: Fit, Material, Construction, Color. Check out our Compression Sleeve Buying Guide below.

Buying Guide: How To Choose Knee Sleeves – 4 Things to Consider 

  1. Fit. Choosing a well-designed compression sleeve is very important. A quality knee sleeve should provide even and consistent compression around knee. Make sure that you measure your calves for proper sizing to ensure that the sleeves will fit you correctly. If the compression sleeves are too tight, they will be uncomfortable. If you choose knee sleeves that are too loose, they won’t provide enough compression and will slide down your leg.
  2. Material. Look for compression sleeves that are made of moisture-wicking fabric that that keeps your skin dry. A breathable knee sleeve is always the best choice.
  3. Construction. Compression sleeves made using a seamless construction (no seams) are by far the best choice for a knee sleeve. This design allow the use of mesh panels and ribbing for optimal breathability and targeted support. So look for tightly woven high-compression knee sleeves.
  4. Color: Less of a factor than the others, but make sure the color is a fit with your intended use. For example, don’t buy white if your sleeves are bound to get dirty. If you’re using the knee sleeves for running, bright colors help provide low-light safety outside. So, look for compression sleeves that come with several colors and sizes.

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