An elbow compression sleeve provides joint support, reduces swelling, and narrows blood vessels. As a result, there’s less stress on the muscles and faster, more efficient blood flow to and from the elbow area; this promotes faster recovery.

More efficient blood flow facilitates faster recovery because it’s very important in eliminating waste produced by the muscles and bringing oxygen and necessary nutrients to the elbow. This process results in reduced discomfort, pain, and swelling in just a matter of days.

Compression helps with stability as well. It reduces muscle vibration and joint instability. A compression sleeve provides you with more elbow joint support and a stable foundation for a variety of sports and daily activities.

Compression also boosts your lymphatic system and reduces inflammation, which can play a role in decreasing osteoarthritis pain and improving function.

Lastly, compression sleeves serve as a very helpful aid during exercise warm-ups since they warm and lubricate the elbow joints.

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