If you want the best brace for patellar dislocation, try the stabilizing patella knee brace. This patella brace supports the knee and is very breathable.

There are two types of patella knee braces: Open and Closed. Either will help the knee heal from patellar dislocation. Here’s the difference.

  1. Open patella knee braces provide slightly less support than closed patella braces. Many open patella braces are designed to support the patella as a secondary benefit, holding it in proper alignment relative to the rest of the knee joint. Athletes in more active sports often favor open patella braces for their lightness and flexibility.
  2. Closed patella knee braces can sometimes aggravate knee injuries by applying pressure to the patella during a workout, causing it to move off-center or rub against the underlying joint. Powerlifters and bodybuilders often favor the closed design.

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