It’s important to understand the difference between a knee brace and a knee sleeve. Basically, knee sleeves are for everyday support, injury prevention and pain reduction. Knee braces are for existing injuries. This guide will help you get the right knee support.

Knee Support Guide

  • Purpose of a Knee Brace – Support for an existing injury
  • Purpose of a Knee Sleeve – Regular knee support, injury prevention, pain reduction

What Is A Knee Brace?

Knee braces basically act like a “substitute knee.” They’re made for people who suffer or have suffered a serious injury like:

  • ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)
  • MCL (Medial collateral ligament)
  • PCL (Posterior cruciate ligament)
  • Other similar injuries

Most knee braces are made of neoprene and sometimes have metallic hinges to support the knee during movement. Check out our AllyFlex Sports® Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace.

What Is A Knee Sleeve?

Knee sleeves do not limit or replace the function of a normal knee. They’re mainly used for regular knee support to prevent injuries. The benefits of wearing a knee sleeve include: compression for better blood flow, daily support, mobility, increased stability, and joint lubrication.

Benefits of Knee Sleeves

  • Compression. The most highlighted feature in a knee sleeve is the compression it provides. Compression restricts muscle oscillation and narrows blood vessels. This means less stress on the muscles and faster, more efficient blood flow to and from the knee area.
  • Better Blood Flow. Efficient blood flow is very important to eliminating the waste produced by the muscles (e.g. lactic acid) and to bring oxygen and necessary nutrients to the muscles. This process facilitates a faster recovery and results in reduced discomfort, pain, and swelling in just a matter of days.
  • Daily Support. Knee sleeves are more suitable for regular use in running, workouts and other sports.
  • Maintain Mobility. Use protective knee sleeves to help reduce the occurrence or severity of injuries to the knee joint ligaments without inhibiting overall knee mobility.
  • Increase Stability. The compression also reduces muscle vibration and knee instability. This gives you a more stable foundation that’s helpful during jumps, twists, and lifts.
  • Warms & Lubricates Joints. Knee sleeves serve as a very helpful aid during warm-ups since it warms and lubricates the joints.

About Neo Sports Lab Knee Sleeves

Latex Free

There are many choices of knee sleeves on the market, but very few are made of latex-free materials. Neo Sports Lab makes several stand-out latex-free knee sleeves.

Stay-Put Design

Our NeoAlly Knee Sleeves feature a stay-put design and high compression. They’re the best choice for sports and medium to intense workouts.

Copper Knee Sleeves

Our lightweight Uptofit Copper Knee Sleeve has copper-rich content and moderate compression. It’s the perfect choice for daily knee protection.

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