Do Compression Sleeves Work for Pain?

Yes. Compression sleeves will help ease your joint pain. The sleeve applies pressure around the joint which helps control swelling and increases blood flow to the area, decreasing pain. Compression sleeves are used to ease pain from injuries and ailments such as arthritis and to provide support for the joint during daily activities and sports.

Compression therapy has been used for medical conditions for a very long time. Wearing a compression sleeve provides much-needed support and therapeutic warmth for the injured joint. Compression provides comfort and helps you get through your routine without limitations.

2 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Compression Sleeve

  1. Support Level
    If you want mild to moderate level support with some flexibility in moving or bending, a compression sleeve is what you should get. A brace provides stronger support than a sleeve. So, if your joint injury requires firm or stabilizing support to keep it in proper position, a brace with or without a splint may be a better choice.
  2. Compression Level
    Depending on the fabric and the weaving technology, a sleeve can have different levels of compression – mild, moderate, or firm.
    • Mild compression provides energizing pressure to help relieve mild symptoms and can be worn at night during sleep.
    • Moderate compression provides restoring compression to help relieve mild-moderate symptoms and can usually be worn during activities that require frequent bending or repetitive motions.
    • Firm compression provides therapeutic compression to help relieve moderate-severe symptoms of chronic pain. They usually limit movement for proper healing.

We offer a variety of compression sleeves for knees, ankles, wrists, and elbows.