NeoAlly® Heavy-Duty Compression | Sports Sleeves for Heavy Duty Repetitive Movements Such as Weightlifting |

NeoAlly® Heavy-Duty Compression Sleeves

Meet our newest invention! We used an advanced weaving technology and special fabric to create this patent-pending heavy-duty compression sleeve. The seamless design allows the sleeve to withstand the movement required by weightlifting, squatting, or other repetitive tasks that involve a heavy load.

Traditionally, all heavy-duty sleeves in strength training have been made of 5mm or 7mm neoprene. While neoprene is fine for less strenuous activities, our innovative high-strength sleeves provide more breathability, longer-lasting compression and higher durability. In other words, they resist tears and decline in effectiveness.

NeoAlly® High Strength Compression Knee Sleeves

The NeoAlly high-strength knee sleeve is more breathable and longer lasting than a traditional neoprene sleeve. Our innovative seamless design can bear the repeated movement required when weightlifting or squatting. The sleeves resist tearing or breaking down.

NeoAlly® Heavy-Duty Compression Knee Sleeves

NeoAlly® Heavy-Duty Compression Knee Sleeves

Size:Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large

$39.95 (Pair)