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NeoAlly® Sports Knee Sleeves

NeoAlly Sports Knee Sleeves apply the Consistent & Evenly Distribution (C.E.D) compression technology and the latest 3D weaving technique to achieve Spot-On Compression around knee, best for sports in running, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, tennis, cycling, hiking, crossfit and more – it is thin enough to wear under uniform or pants. The curved design plus anti-slip silicone gel lock enable the sleeves stay put without bunching, rolling, or sliding.

Color:   Blue   Green   Grey   Orange   Purple

Size:   Small  Medium  Large  X-Large

$22.95 (pair) $25.99

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Key Features & Benefits of NeoAlly Sports Knee Sleeve

  • C.E.D. TECHNOLOGY: Consistent & Evenly Distributed (C.E.D) Compression technology combined with Advanced knitting technique enables this knee brace the maximum support around knee. The multi-line silicone dots make the sleeve more secure with no sliding down, no rolling up, stay in place during any activities
  • SPOT-ON KNEE COMPRESSION: Unlike other knee sleeves of straight line design that only provide unnecessary compression around thigh and calf and not enough compression around knee, this knee sleeve applies the curved design and creates the spot-on compression right around the knee, giving you the much needed support at knee.
  • THIN BREATHABLE FABRIC: This knee sleeve incorporates moisture wicking Polyester into the Nylon-Spandex blend, which dramatically increases breathe-ability and helps in keeping your skin dry and comfortable, fits perfectly under uniform or pants
  • ANTI-SLIP FLEXIBLE: 4-way stretch fabric for custom fit and comfort. Different weaving pattern is applied at back of knee and on kneecap to provide optimal compression for patella support while not hindering knee movement. 3 Lines No-Slip Silicone dots keep the sleeve stay-put & no siding down, no rolling up in daily activities.
  • MULTI SIZES & COLORS: one package contains 2 knee braces. There are 4 sizes and 5 colors (orange, blue, purple, green, gray) to choose from. Please follow the size chart and measurement to pick a size that fits you.

How to Choose a Sports Knee Sleeve for Running?

When you are searching for a knee sleeve that is made for sports, you have to pay attention to the detail of each of the products. It is important for you to buy a knee sleeve that is made in the highest quality way – material, design, technology, comfort fit, durability, etc. When you are purchasing a knee sleeve for running, make sure that you find one that is made in a way that will help it to hold up well through much use and last well as you use it again and again.

Find Knee Sleeves That Offer You Good Compression and Maximum Mobility

Fabric weaved knee sleeves provide much better compression than neoprene sleeves. They are also more flexible and give much better mobility for runners. Most machine weaved knee sleeves are made from nylon and spandex, but the weaving technique can make huge difference in compression quality. A tightly weaved knee sleeve, such as NeoAlly High Compression Knee Sleeve, has high density and long-lasting compression. Design is another important factor. A good design knee sleeve, such as this NeoAlly Sports Knee Sleeves, which has 3D design of Consistent and Evenly Distributed (C.E.D) Compression technology,  creates a graduate and consistent compression around knee, not like most other knee sleeves of compression just on top and bottom of knee but not enough around knee. Make sure that the knee sleeve for running that you purchase is one that gives you all of the mobility that you want and that it helps you to move well. Do not purchase something if you feel that it will constrict your leg or slow you down in any way. Neo Sports Lab’s knee sleeves have flexible design pattern on top of kneecap, which provide the maximum mobility for running.

Find Knee Sleeves with Good Support and High Breath-ability

When you are buying a knee sleeve for running, you need to find something that will support your knee well.  As stated above, machined weaved fabric knee sleeves provide better compression and support while still give you the mobility in running. You may also want to look for the knee sleeves that you can wear comfortably for long time without building up moisture from sweat. Neo Sports Lab, not only applies the 3D tight weaving technology to create better and longer compression, but also adds Polyester into the Nylon and Spandex blend. The moisture-wicking polyester can quickly evaporate sweat and make you skin feel dry and comfortable. This has made the knee sleeves breathable and comfortable to wear for running.

Find Knee Sleeves that You Can Wear Longer

Support, compression, and breath-ability are all the features you should look at when searching for knee sleeves for running. Sometimes, you may also want to look for other features such as the sleeves that you can wear under uniform or pants for running during cold weather. Neo Sports Lab has the special design sports knee sleeve that is thin but has consistent and evenly compression around knee – NeoAlly Thin Sports Knee Sleeve. This knee sleeve provides excellent compression around knee and can be worn under clothes. The Uptofit Copper Knee Compression Sleeve by Neo Sports Lab is another knee sleeve for running that you can wear before, during, and after run. The anti-microbial copper removes odor and keeps the sleeves refresh and give your knee support all day and night.

Find Knee Sleeves that Stay Put During Running

There are two major defects in knee sleeves for running: not enough compression around knee and sliding down or rolling up during running. Neo Sports Lab has addressed the “not enough compression” issue by applying the tight-weaving technique and C.E.D. compression technology. To resolve the issue of sliding down or rolling up, Neo Sports Lab has created the “LOCK-IN” design in NeoAlly Breathable Knee Sleeve and the 3D Curved design in NeoAlly Sports Knee Sleeve. Both designs have dramatically improved the stability of the knee sleeves and make the sleeves stay put during running or other activities.


NeoAlly® Compression Knee Sleeves 

$15.99 – $29.99

Uptofit® Copper Knee Sleeve

$15.82 $17.99

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$18.92 $19.99