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We provide high-quality joint compression sleeves and braces that help keep you mobile while providing pain relief, injury prevention and recovery support. Our signature products feature tough, breathable, moisture-wicking materials that will last and keep you dry and comfortable. What sets us apart from the competition? Research. Test. Retest. We work closely with experts in Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, and Physical Therapy to develop effective products that improve your quality of life and speed up recovery. Our mission is to provide high quality support sleeves and braces at affordable prices to help you have a safe, healthy and happy life.

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Yes. Compression sleeves work for joint pain. The sleeve applies pressure around the joint which helps control swelling and increase blood flow. More efficient blood flow helps reduce discomfort, pain, and swelling.

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An compression sleeve provides joint support, reduces swelling, and narrows blood vessels. As a result, there’s less stress on the muscles and faster, more efficient blood flow to and from the affected area; this promotes faster recovery.

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Yes. Compression sleeves can help arthritis. A compression sleeve is a good way to help ease the pain associated with arthritis, especially osteoarthritis. Joint supports provide compression that can reduce swelling and inflammation as well as warm the joint, which can help reduce stiffness. If you feel unsteady, compression sleeves allow for mobility and activity while supporting the joint.

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Yes. Compression sleeves are mainly used for regular joint support to prevent injuries.

Yes. Compression sleeves help with tendonitis. Warm compression support improves blood circulation and helps reduce inflammation caused by tendonitis. Compression sleeves are widely used for joint because they relieve tendonitis in the wrist, elbow, knees and ankles.

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It’s important to understand the difference between a knee brace and a knee sleeve. Basically, knee sleeves are for everyday support, injury prevention and pain reduction. Knee braces are for existing injuries.

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Yes. You can use a back brace for lower back pain. Wearing a back support can help reduce the pressure on the lower back which will ease muscle tension and lessen pain. In fact, a brace can ease back pain and prevent further tearing and injury to the ligaments.

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