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AllyFlex Sports® Women’s Back Brace


Women’s Back Brace Uses: Lower Back Support, Lower Back Pain Relief, Workout, Posture Correction, Weightlifting, Sciatica, Herniated Disc

Our AllyFlex Sports® women’s back brace is made to perfectly and comfortably fit a woman’s lower back. Our signature lumbar pads support the back from all angles and adjustable straps allow for custom fit and compression level. We also use cooling and moisture wicking materials to keep your skin dry and comfortable.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Female Lower Back Pain Relief
  • Adjustable Straps for Custom Fit
  • Medical Grade Lumbar Pads for Extra Support, Removable
  • CoolMax® Lining that Keeps Skin Cool
  • High Quality Moisture-Wicking Materials – Keeps Skin Dry
  • Lifetime Warranty + Money Back Guarantee
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Lower Back Support for Lifting – Designed for Women

Lumbar Support Back Brace for Heavy Lifting & Injury Prevention

Our AllyFlex Sports® Women’s Back Brace can assist with general back issues or lifting and moving heavy objects. Neo Sports Lab partnered with Sports Medicine Specialists to develop this medical version of a lumbar support back brace that is specifically designed to perfectly and comfortably fit a woman’s lower back.

An Effective and Comfortable Lower Back Support Belt

This back support brace combines ergonomically designed lumbar pads with high-quality perforated neoprene and an extra layer of COOLMAX® fiber lining. We’ve created a highly effective women’s lower back support belt.

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Uses for Our Women’s Lower Back Brace:

  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Weightlifting
  • CrossFit
  • Pain Relief
  • Strains, Sprains and Muscle Spasms

Women’s Back Brace: Unique Design for Custom Fit & Optimal Compression

Uniquely Designed to Fit a Woman’s Lower Back

Designed to perfectly fit a woman’s lower back, this strong lumbar support back brace is highly breathable and comfortable. Our women’s lower back support belt is also available with removable Y-suspenders for additional support.

A Back Support Brace with Removable Lumbar Pads

This back support brace has two removable ergonomically designed lumbar pads. They are precisely placed inside the brace to provide optimal pressure to back muscles at the desired angles for pain relief.

Premium Quality Materials & Custom Fit

Dual Elastic Velcro Straps help to enhance compression, support the waist and relieve stress or pain. They can be removed and adjusted for customized fit and support.

Functional 5-Layer Structure

  • Layer 1 – Removable Elastic Velcro Straps
  • Layer 2 – Two Ergonomically Shaped Lumbar Pads
  • Layer 3 – Durable Soft and Breathable Nylon
  • Layer 4 – Perforated Neoprene of High Compression
  • Layer 5 – CoolMax Lining Skin Layer, Highly Breathable and Comfortable

Features & Benefits

  • Female Lower Back Pain Relief: This premium women’s back brace with lumbar support helps with back stability and relieves the lower back from the pain of strains, sprains and muscle spasms. It’s specially designed to fit a woman’s anatomy, making it the perfect women’s lower back support belt.
  • Ergonomic Lumbar Pads: Two removable 3D lumbar pads have been ergonomically designed by sports medicine specialists to provide the lower back with optimal pressure and additional support from all angles.
  • Coolmax® Fiber Lining: High-tech fabric wicks away moisture from your body to keep you cool and dry on hot days, and provides insulation on cold days.
  • Adjustable Straps: Easy-to-use dual hook and loop straps adjust the tightness of the belt to provide ideal compression and targeted support for your back and hips.
  • High Quality Neoprene: Perforated neoprene makes this back support belt strong and highly breathable, giving you the much needed lower back support for improved mobility and injury prevention.

Size Chart: (measure the circumference of your torso at the belly button level)
➤ Small: 23.0″-29.0″ ➤ Medium: 29.0″-35.5″ ➤ Large: 35.5″-43.0″ ➤ X-Large: 43.0″-51.0″

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